Messages from Our Leaders

Tomoko Torii
Art for Peace 2012 - Now closed, over 6600 submissions! View the results HERE! Big congratulations to the winners!
Dear Friends,
It has been most wonderful inviting young artists to the Art for Peace 2012 art contest. The last three months have been very busy but each day was filled with so much joy witnessing so many images flooding in with messages for peace echoed throughout.  It is with enormous pleasure that we share the final count to be over 6600 entries from 92 countries. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs headed by Chief John Ennis who worked tremendously hard to make this contest successful. With their kind guidance and cooperation, we work together to make this initiative of great global interest. Please go to to find out more about the work they do.
We would like to extend our thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all who have shared Art for Peace and to those who have submitted: Children, Teens and their parents and teachers. It is you who have made our Peace Art contest a great success! Please continue sharing its gallery with your friends and families, and enjoy viewing the submitted images. An international panel of jurors was assembled and worked hard to select the finalists in all three categories. They spent many hours dedicated their effort with much care in their consideration on the entries. Their contribution was very much apprciated by all of us. We could not have completed the art contest without their support.  
The results of the contest can be viewed by following this link

Everyone who entered the contest is a winner for peace!

Visit  to view the submitted artworks.
With warm gratitude and much peace.
Tomoko Torii
Tomoko Torii

March 11, 2012 - This day marks the first anniversary of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.  Our heart goes out to so many people who lost everything. Today Japan sees the unprecedented calamity with the aftermath of this tragedy. We continue to pray for safety and health of all who are affected and that their lives will be restored in not too distant future. We continue to work along with many countless people in the world to take a part in the smallest way but to the extent it could be some consolation.

Tomoko Torii

Launch of “Art for Peace 2012” – All join in!

Dear Friends,

Today, I am excited to introduce "Art for Peace 2012".  The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and the Harmony for Peace Foundation has jointly launched the 2012 Art for Peace Contest.

Tomoko Torii

Thanking our supporters for their generous and kind gifts ...

Hiroshi Senju

In March, there was an unbelievable scale of devastation in Japan.  In the midst of such difficulty when many are facing hardship to survive, people wondered what art can do. There may be some who may think that it is powerless.  No, I don’t believe so. Art is not powerless.  Art, I believe, is a communication itself that tells that no one is alone; that we cry when we feel sad, that we laugh when we are happy. People stand in a long queue to see an opera or to see an art exhibition to confirm this thought.

Yasuko Mitsui

Our Founding Partner and Honorary Advisor, Ms. Mitsui’s Peace Day Message

The moment when the light of hope shines, peace also flourishes. The painful past will be eased with the light of hope. The words inscribed on the monument at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima present the pledge no conflict in the world.

Katsuhiro Shinno

On the occasion of The Charity Concert for Peace and Nuclear Non-Proliferation, let me offer my congratulations on your “Harmony for Peace” charity concert for peace and nuclear non-proliferation. It truly is signifi cant that a concert, with the artists from six countries that embody a passion for peace, is held at the same time as the 2010 Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Conference in New York. I pay my deepest respect to Ms.

Fumio Kishida

Fumio Kishida, Member of the House of Representatives, Japan, and Advisor to the Peace Conference Executive Committee, supports the Harmony for Peace Foundation.

H.E. Ms. Eleonora Valentinovna Mitrofanova

H.E. Ms. Eleonora Valentinovna Mitrofanova, Chairperson of the Executive Board, celebrates the Harmony for Peace Concert and efforts to pursue harmonious coexistence.

Shinzo Abe

Japan's Former Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, extends his support of Harmony for Peace and its inaugural concert at Carnegie Hall.