Organizations We Support

The Foundation raises money to support our projects and the work of other important organizations that support nuclear non-proliferation or provide services to people who have been affected by nuclear weapons.

One of the organizations we support is HICARE.

HICARE, the Hiroshima International Council for Health Care of the Radiation-Exposed
Proceeds from the Harmony for Peace Charity Concert, May 16, 2010, were donated to HICARE.

HICARE’s international cooperation activities include the training of medical and other technical personnel involved in the health care of the radiation-exposed worldwide, the dispatch of medical and other specialists in Hiroshima to the radiation-exposed countries/regions, and dissemination of knowledge about the medical care of the radiation victims in Hiroshima, in the form of publications in English and Japanese.

Introducing organizations with a great cause and mission


Peace One Day & Global Truth

September 21 is Peace One Day

The Foundation also support the vision of - Peace One Day - to observe a global day of Peace.

Many of you may already know of Jeremy Gilley, an independent documentary filmmaker and the Founder of Peace One Day. His message for Peace One Day inspires many. Over ten years, he has made an incredible effort in bringing this day, an official recognized day by the United Nations - Annual Peace Day, a day of global cease fire and a day for everyone to become involved in the peace making process. Please visit his website

Please take a moment to view the short film to find out about Peace One Day.  Here's his message

  Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace One Day

Introducing other NPOs with a vision for a world community, borderless society, global friendship and focuses children in arts and many more important core values.

Value Diversity creates public and private partnerships while providing multicultural information through the Internet gateway. We connect people, ideas, and cultures while holding the distinct view-point that diversity is America’s and the world’s most valuable product. Diversity is what makes up the strength of any organization, business, or community.

Through Internet-enabled linkages, we open-up marketing and social networking opportunities for the African-American Community, Asian-Pacific Islander Community, Southeast- Asian Community, Caribbean Community, Latino-Hispanic Community, Euro-American Community, and Middle-Eastern Community.

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Others Are Us 

 "Unlocking the power of art to connect young people around the world."

Others Are Us promotes international and intercultural understanding by developing and implementing programs that bring children and teens from different backgrounds and countries together in an exchange of art and written communications. For more information: