The Peace Pendant by Harmony For Peace

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 Peace pendant brings love! Perfect as a gift and for a birthday, anniversary and more! You can personalize as a special gift with an initials!

 “Peace Pendant has been made for Harmony For Peace from melted nuclear weapon steal  –

  a small limited charm individually numbered


Nuclear Weapons Melted in Nagasaki


In 2011, Nagasaki - On July 22nd at 3:00 pm the world’s first scrapped nuclear weapon using revenues from public donations generated by the documentary feature film GATE was melted down and poured into ingot molds by citizens of Nagasaki.


The film GATE was released in Japan during the summer of 2008 with unprecedented support from both corporations and politicians, and three years later the first container holding 10 tons of scrap metal from a dismantled nuclear submarine arrived in Nagasaki to be melted down by citizens of the city that knows all too well the horrors of nuclear destruction.


Ingots made from the metal was displayed at Kotaiji Temple, Nagasaki on August 8th and 9th before being given to companies and made into fashion accessories generating further public funds in dismantling more nuclear weapons.

Harmony For Peace Foundation obtained this steel and created our “Peace Pendant” from destroyed nuclear weapon.



There are only 100 created and a price is $45 each. 




Front                                                     Back (Numbered and inscribed with "Peace is Disarming"


Peace pendant brings love! For personalize with initials, please contact our office.

The initials of someone special, friend, family member and any one can be engraved. Please send us an email if you wish to purchase with the special engraving of initials. (Only for a limited time.)

If you are interested to purchase the Peace Pendant, please place an order from below or by emailing to

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This is a collection of a small edition pendant.  If you wish to have your favorite number to be the edition no. of your pendant, please state it in the box below. Kindly understand that Nos. available may change as we progress.


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