Peace Art Exhibit Opens in Harrisburg



The Second “PA Peace Art Exhibit”

 April 3 – April 27, 2016


Bringing the Message of “Peace, Unity and Friendship Though Art”


at Pennsylvania Capitol Building (East Wing Rotunda)


Jointly presented by the Governor’s Advisory Commission on

Asian Pacific American Affairs



            Chisako Osada, Japan                                      Kana Ishii, Japan                              Aanisha Shiraz, Brunei


More works on exhibit, click here


Thank you for attending our Reception!

Wednesday, April 13th from 11 a.m. to 1p.m.



(fm left) Tomoko Torii, Sein An, Rep Duane Milne, Tiffany Lawson 


Special Performance by Sein An, our Jr. Peace & Music Ambassador




About the exhibition


This exhibition is created with the artworks centered around the themes of “Peace,” “Love,” “Liberty,” “Understanding,” and “Harmony.”  The images selected using these themes seem to have a broader significance.  They are more profound and thought provoking. We believe, the significance of these themes can be interpreted as respect, forgiving, tolerance, acceptance and more. It is for the viewer to feel and absorb what the art image expresses to them. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition


Please contact our office at or 484.200.7400 for further information.