Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Program


Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Program was launched in September 2014.

The program now has two separate regional competitions, one in the US and another in Japan. You can find more details in the following sections.

V. Junior Peace and Music Ambassador USA 2017

IV. Junior Peace and Music Ambassador USA 2016

III. Junior Peace and Music Ambassador USA 2015

II Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Japan 2015

I. Junior Peace and Music Ambassador USA 2014


We know that you believe in power of music 

That music touches our hearts

That music speaks for us 

Music crosses oceans and borders,

Reaching to many around the world,

Uniting people from all cultures and backgrounds

Music makes a difference in the world each day,

and as you play, together,

you are part of that difference.

To encourage our mission of international understanding and collaboration, Harmony For Peace has created the unique role of “Junior Peace and Music Ambassador.”  The Junior Ambassador is a yearlong honorary title given to a selected musical talent. 


What the Junior Ambassador Does



The Junior Ambassador represents Harmony For Peace at musical and cultural events throughout the year. Using their talent, he or she promotes cross-cultural understanding among fellow musicians and peers.


Each year's selected talent has the oportunity to be a solo performer at our feature concert. Since 2013 annually, the Junior Ambassador has performed at the Harmony For Peace Peace Concert at the Kimmel Center, alongside cross-cultural professional musicians. 


Appearances at these events are voluntary and are planned in advance with the winner and his or her guardian. Above all, the Junior Peace and Music Ambassador represents his or her cultural heritage - promoting unity through music.