Holiday Greeting from Executive Director



Dear Friends of Harmony For Peace,

During this time of the Holidays,  we have much to thankful for.  I would like to express our deep gratitude to, first and foremost,  all young musicians who performed for us at our Peace Concerts here in the US and abroad, and to our special guests artists who despite their busy schedule traveled many miles to join our young artists in very meaningful performances.   We say our thanks to those who continued to work so hard to give what young performers are looking for, not only the skills but wisdom and experiences.  We are thankful to those parents who understand the needs and earnest feelings of young people to join their follow musicians and to practice and to play, to excel in their performance and their needs to be in many places for many hours of lessons. 

Our peace initiatives will not be carried out without our wonderful hardworking interns and volunteers.  This year, we have close to hundred volunteers in and out of the US who helped us and to them, we thank you.  Our gratitude also goes to all the people made our events successful backstage, in the news, on air and through many other channels.

Our advisors, supporters and participants are very much the integral part of all we do. To all of you, we say our warm thank you.

The year has again seen many impacts domestic and abroad, some joyous but some full of sorrow.  Here in Philadelphia, we have a few to be proud of and thankful for.  We celebrated Pope Francis’s visit; our city was named as World Heritage City; and our own Celebration of UN70 in October.  This event not only commemorated 70 years of the United Nations work to support world issues but signified the 70 years ending of world conflicts and 70 years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragic nuclear catastrophes.  Globally, we had our Peace Concert in Tokyo on April 10 and Peace Concert in Hiroshima on July 3 this year.

It has indeed been a very busy and memorable year for us.

  • Our Peace Concert Series has now grown to be an annual event in major cities.   This year over 3500 guests attended including 600 artists performed, 300 “Gift of Music” invited young guests.
  • Our World Tour of “Peace Art Journey Exhibit” was launched in Harrisburg, PA, September 2014.  The art collection of 12 original works by 12 artists aged 5 to 17 from 12 different countries has now been shown for 180 days in six major cities and has been viewed by over 15,000 people. 
  • Please visit some of the video clips and photo galleries linked here and via our website.

For 2016, we are continuing these programs with some new to reach out around the world.

We cannot do these regular and special programs without your help. Your contribution will help us continue all initiatives established and add more to provide an opportunities to “Play and Pray for Peace together.”  The year end donation online site is linked here. 

Please plan to bring your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and their families and friends to get involved and to attend.

We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and hope for your continued interest in our mission, programs and to have your continued support new and throughout 2016.

Warm Wishes for the Holiday Season to you and your family.

 Tomoko Torii

President & Executive Director (Founding Partner)
Harmony For Peace Foundation