Greetings / January 2016




Dear Friends of Harmony For Peace,

In this part of Northeast US, we thought this winter is warmer than usual and snow would be a rarity. Well, it did arrive and hit hard. Yet, it seems it is short lived and soon to be over.  We hope you are all safe and well, with warm spring weather to be here soon.

At Harmony For Peace, we have our first peace event of the year coming very soon. On February 21st, we will hold our “Friendship Concert & Dinner” event at the Rotwitt Theatre at Rosemont College just outside Philadelphia.  We hope people in the nearby region and the neighboring communities will come and join us to enjoy the beautiful program of piano solo by Gohei Nishikawa, opera aria by Sungji Kim and violin solo by Daniel Kim.  In addition, we also have a presentation of giant origami by Taro Yaguchi with music together with additional programs by the International Opera Theatre, our special guest speaker and more.

Dinner will be a wonderful occasion to mingle with many community’s leaders and also to meet the artists, enjoy conversation with friends and supporters of Harmony For Peace.

More details can be found on the event page.

We look forward to meeting you and your guests.  In addition, we will be announcing our 2016 program over our webpages very soon.

Please stay safe and warm in these remaining days of severe January winter.

Warm Wishes,

 Tomoko Torii

President & Executive Director (Founding Partner)
Harmony For Peace Foundation