Give a Unforgettable Gift of Music for Great Kids


“Gift of Music” 

 Join the circle of friends with the “Gift of Music” to school students!

Our “Gift of Music”program allows donors to sponsor school children in our area to attend our concerts - a unique and gratifying experience at a premier concert hall.

This year's program invited school children to our "International Peace Day" Concert on September 17, 2016 held at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. 

This program is ongoing, please see how to sign up for this gift. Thank you  

Gift of $35 per one child 

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We believe developing music and education across regions and cultures is an effective way to create distance from violence and increase opportunities to grow friendships. 



Donors who have provided "Gift of Music" and invited school children to our International Peace Day Concert
2016 (As of September 20, 2016)
David & Enid Adler, Harris Baum, Jeam Bomm, Cam & Nancy Cloeter,  Richard Findlay, Robert & Cynthia Johnson, Richard & Linda Hohn, Maura Kahn, William Kozel & Karen Kozel-Kludjian, Warren & Margaret Kuo, Daniel & Linda Litwin, Emily Cohen & James C. McGann, Debbie & David Memel, Christiaan & Shiriki Morssink, Shacker Mourad, Richard Nelson, Laura & David Palmer, Susan Staas, Gee Shin, Midori Tanimune, Kazumi Teune, Tomoko Torii, Cooper & Lavery Willits (list incomplete)
 Subaru America, Parkway, Jacobs Music
2016 Recipients
Horace H Furness High School, Pan American Academy Charter School,Tacony Academy Charter School, Forest Hill School, School Lane Charter School, Richard Stockton Elementary School; (list incomplete)


2015 (As of October 24, 2015)
Thank you for your generosity.
Catraona Chu, Jean Bomm, Richard & Tomoko Findlay, Beatriz Furr, Karen Hall, Richard & Linda Hohn, William Kozel & Karen Kozel-Kludjian, Warren & Margaret Kuo, Thomas Lee, Daniel & Linda Litwin, Emily Cohen & Jim McGann, Christiaan & Shiriki Morssink, Polly Murry, Steven & Noriko Oehlert, David & Laura Palmer, Gee Shin, Susan Stavish, Koichi & Midori Tanimune, Marietta Tanner, Kazumi Teune, Carol Weaver, Cooper & Lavery Willits, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Omega Omega Chapter), Fidato Partners, James William Turtle & Co., The Johnson Foundation.
2015 Recipients:
Musicopia, Settlement Music School, Camden, Ronald McDonald House in Camden, MusicWorks, Philly Art Center and Bache Martin School and others.
2014 (As of September 20, 2014)
We are most grateful to their generous gift.
Mark DiPaolo, Alice Farber, Katie Hall, Diana Delgado, Valerie Van Pham, Daniel & Linda Litwin, David & Laura Palmer, Ken & Kathleen Kono, William Kozel & Karen Kozel-Kludjian, Maura Kahn, Shacker and Mary Maurad, Robert & Cynthia Johnson, Cooper & Lavery Willits, Koichi & Midori Tanimune, Bob & Judy Swartley, Thomas Lee, Richard & Tomoko Findlay, Richard & Linda Hohn, Charlotte Smelzer, Steven & Noriko Oehlert, Kazumi Teune, Susan Stavish, Marcia & Peter Burns, William Roberts, Christiaan & Shiriki Morssink, Diana Delgado, Babara Leigh-Ranck, Ed Lovelidge, Alison E Branigan and Keijiroh Yama-guchi.
For 2014, the schools and organizations invited under Gift of Music were Musicopia, Play on Philly, Hill Freedman Academy and a youth club in Philadelphia.
2013 (As of September 21, 2013):

We are most grateful to their generous gift.

Enid Adler, Geraldine Aron, Mark DiPaolo, Richard Findlay, Stephen & Madonna Fox, Cynthia Trentacosti Franck & C. Christian Frank III, Susan Gay, Maura Kahn, Robert & Suzanne Kenny, Margaret Kuo, Daniel & Linda Litwin, Al & Barbara Meyer, Christiaan Morrsink, Shacker Mourad, David & Laura Palmer, Valerie Van Pham, Bernard & Delphine Poussot, Juan Rustia, William Roberts, Koichi & Midori Tanimune, Kazumi Teune, Tomok Torii, Cooper & Lavery Willits, Keijiroh Yama-guchi, 

The schools in the program are a middle school in Philadelphia, a youth club in Philadelphia, a middle school in Chester County, Elementary School in Cherry Hill and others.