Art for Peace 2012 - Contest Results

Congratulations to our twelve winners!
The judging of this contest was certainly very difficult.  We had a global panel of jurors made up of a large group of art professionals. The jury spent four weeks undergoing an ardurous process of judging over 6600 entries. All the artwork submitted had a variety of powerful messages of hope for world peace and a nuclear-free world. They are truly inspiring, creative and showcased many unique expressions. On behalf of all the jurors and everyone who joined us in working for this contest, we had a remarkable experience in witnessing an outpouring of positivity and a collection of beautiful artwork.
We thank all of the contestants for their artwork submissions and their parents and teachers who helped them. The following winners were chosen according to the criteria described in the rules of the contest; theme, creativity, technique and composition.  Here are the results of the contest:
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Upper Category: Age 13 to 17 

First Place - "Someday"
Artist: Haruka S.
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Age: 17
"Maybe it is your child, or your grandchild, or much more later one who says bye to nuclear weapons. Or, maybe, it's you."


Second Place - "Nature"
Artist: Ai Y.
Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Age: 16
"This is [the atomic bomb called] Little Boy that was dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15 on August 6, 1945. The senselessness of a bomb is expressed by a bird playing. The wish for the abolition of nuclear weapons is sent to the world from Hiroshima, City of peace."


Third Place - "Defense Cooperation"
Artist: Sutatip M.
Location: Petchaboon, Thailand
Age: 16
"In my picture people around the world play together to protect the world. Similarly, there is an umbrella to protect against solar rays. A nuclear weapon is a mass destructive weapon from which many living things will be affected. People from different nations come together to sweep away nuclear weapons so as to create peace for our future."

Fourth Place - "Alimentando la paz / Feeding Peace"
Artist: Joya Figueroa I.
Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
Age: 17
"Peace must be nurtured by humanity. In my drawing I represent the marine life food chain also implying that peace can destroy war."


Middle Category: Age 9 to 12

First Place - "Peace For Our Future Generation"
Artist: Yan Ling M.
Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Age: 12
"I dream of a world with no fighting, where everyone is determined to make it a better place for future generations. The doves of peace will overcome all greed and set us free from nuclear threats forever."


Second Place - "Let Peace Fly"
Artist: Michelle L.
Location: San Ramon, USA
Age: 11
"Under the threat of nuclear war, the world cries day and night. For those who love peace, let us demolish nuclear weapons and let peace fly."


Third Place - "World Without Atomic War"
Artist: Karina P.
Location: Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
Age: 12

Fourth Place - "Give Me Peace on Earth!"
Artist: Annika T.
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Age: 12

Category: Age 5 to 8

First Place - "If A World Free of Nuclear Weapons"
Artist: Galuh Edelweiss Sayyidina R.
Location: Pontianak, Indonesia
Age:    8
"I think if there was no war then there would be no nuclear weapons, bombs, and fear that makes it all destroyed. The world will definitely feel comfortable, peaceful, and beautiful. We can see various plants and colorful flowers thriving, butterflies quietly sucking honey, free-flying birds in the sky, and beautiful views of the twilight sky... All occur freely, without limits, without pressure, without fears..."


Second Place - "We Love Peace"
Artist: Zhihan L.
Location: Xu Zhou, China
Age: 7


Third Place - "Веселая планета - Funny Planet"
Artist: Евгений У.
Location: Cheboksary, Russia
Age: 7
"With no threat of nuclear war on the planet, there will be smiling children everywhere."

Fourth Place - Areen H.
Artist: Areen H.
Location: Mirpur A.K. Pakistan
Age: 7
"The nuclear inventions are destroying me.  Stop the inventions of destruction.  I want to be a happy Earth."


92 Countries, 6623 Works of Art, 1 Message of Peace

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