After Our Hiroshima Concert

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Dear Friends of the Foundation,

We just wrapped up our Peace Concert IN HIROSHIMA at the JMS Aster Plaza on July 3, 2015, and what a beautiful evening it was. There is something magical, definitely heartwarming, in watching artists of all ages and musicality join together to share in our message for peace worldwide. As their sounds harmonized and resonated through the hall, I believe that hope for a better tomorrow was restored in us all. Something so beautiful could only mean possibility, and that will keep Harmony For Peace Foundation striving for better understanding and friendship between cultures and nations.
Our special guests included South Korean Conductor Yoonhak Baek; Japanese duo Alchemist, known for their popular commercial hit for Sekisui House; and South Korean Baritone Daniel Oh. Violinist Honoka Kikukaw, our Junior Peace and Music Ambassador Japan, once again made us proud.
The participating local school choirs, that gave splendid performances, were the Hiroshima Noboricho Elementary School, the school of Sadako Sasaki and Hiroshima Motomachi High School, known for their high achievements in fine arts. The concert could not be complete without the beautiful harmony of the prestigious Hiroshima University Orchestra.
I must thank all our talented performers, directors, parents and special guests for their dedication and hard work. It is always a pleasure to work with passionate and like-minded people.
Prior to the concert, we opened our “Peace Art Journey” Exhibit from June 18-28. It was a success, sharing the message for “a world free of nuclear weapons” from talented youth artists around the world with the people of Hiroshima. The exhibit was hosted at the Former Bank of Japan in Hiroshima, and this historic building withstood the 1945 bombings, although just a mere 380 meters from the hypocenter.  
As our Peace Project Japan 2015 finishes up with an art exhibit in Nagasaki, we are so pleased by the kind support and positive response our projects and events received while in Japan. It encourages us to continue on, spreading our message worldwide, using music and art as our medium.

I hope all our friends and supporters continue to join us in our efforts. As we have said before, spreading the message of peace does not fall to one person, but rather to a global family, working together to promote international and multicultural friendship and understanding.

With Harmony and Peace,
Tomoko Torii
Executive Director