Yasuko Mitsui

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Tokyo native Yasuko Mitsui is one of Japan's premier artists of the keyboard, and is widely known in classical music circles for her masterful concerts and recordings.

Mitsui studied piano and harpsichord at the Tokyo Murashino Music University and the National University of Music in Vienna. She has received plaudits for her performances with the Ensemble Bella Musica, on TV shows, at music festivals, and in concerts throughout Europe and Japan.

Mitsui's classical repertoire is varied, although she is partial to J. S. Bach's baroque compositions. She has collaborated with W. Holzmair, A. Schmid and O. Warla; her artistry is enjoyed by her legion of admirers through CD recordings from Columbia, EMI, Video Garo, and Elect Records.

She participated in master classes in Vienna, Hannover and Briev. Mitsui has judged international piano and harpsichord competitions; she sits on the faculty of Iwate National and Elisabeth Universities as Professor.

For the past twenty years, Mitsui advocates peace among nations through the binding force of music, and believes in a collective action to diffuse nuclear tensions. She founded Harmony For Peace Foundation with Tomoko Torii and Yusuke Terada and currently serves as Honorary Advisor of the Foundation.

Since 1990’s Mitsui has coordinated and managed many musical events in the theme of peace in Europe and Japan:

History of “Melody of Hope” Peace Concert 
1991 – October 24, United Nations Day Concert for Peace, Austria Center Vienna, for the Victims of Chernobyl
1994 – United Nation Day Concert, hosted by Vienna UN Office, Austria Cultural Ministry and Hiroshima City hosted
1995 – Co-sponsored by Hiroshima City, UNESCO, NHK; Two children’s choirs from Participating Five Continents; Peace Song was submitted for competitions
1997 – January, Peace Concert at UNESCO, Paris, France
1999 – “August in Hiroshima” held in Hiroshima, co-sponsored by UNESCO
2004 - September 4th, concert “Melody of Hope” was held in Hiroshima in Japan for Victims of Semipalatinsk
2005 – May 13, Peace Concert “Melody of Hope” was held in Hiroshima for the Victims of Sumatra peninsular
2005 – December, Peace Concert “Melody of Hope” was held for the children of Chernobyl in Vienna, Austria.
2006 – November 18, Peace Concert “Melody of Hope” Hiroshima, Japan
2007 – December 13, Peace Concert “Melody of Hope” Tokyo, Japan for HICARE
2008 – August 5, 6 & 8 Peace Concert “Melody of Hope” Tokyo, Japan for the Children of Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
2009 – July 28, Peace Concert by the Young Musicians, Hiroshima Cultural Center