Our Story

The motivation behind "Harmony for Peace" reaches beyond national boundaries. Staged every year since 1991 in cities such as Vienna, Hiroshima and Tokyo, the Concert for World Peace seeks to inspire harmony among nations and faiths, as well as groups divided by creeds and political leanings.

In a tranquil part of the bustling metropolis of Hiroshima, Japan, a Peace Memorial has been dedicated to a Swiss doctor and an American journalist who journeyed to the crippled city after the war to help victims of the bomb. A monument now stands in their honor, acknowledging their contribution to humanity and their effort to blur national borders to serve all who needed help.
A "Harmony for Peace" concert is designed to establish a different kind of memorial to a global vision: a meeting of minds and a joining of hands, guided by the light of hope.


Ms. Tomoko Torii, Founding Partner, President and Executive Director of the Harmony for Peace Foundation and Ms. Yasuko Mitsui, Honorary Advisor and Founding Partner of the Foundation visit the Hiroshima Memorial Park on March 12, 2010.

(Video Produced by TVC-Net, Japan: Toshio Nakada, Taku Seitoh, Tadashi Yamamoto & Hide Tsuchiya)


Harmony for Peace, A Charity Concert to promote World Peace supporting the nuclear non-proliferation through Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
On May 16, 2010 artists from six countries joined at Carnegie Hall to promote peace in a world without nuclear weapons. Their talents and voices united in honor of the 2010 Non-Proliferation Review Conference at the United Nations and elevated the cries of people everywhere who support nuclear disarmament and improved international trust. The Peace Concert will be held every five years to show support to the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty and its Review Conference held every five years.

Harmony For Peace aims to achieve a common goal: World Peace through earnest voices embodied in words and the universal language of music and poetry. "One Voice One World"


Tomoko Torii, President & Executive Director

Ms. Torii has been managing the total operation of the foundation since its start in late 2009.  Ms. Torii felt a desire to build a platform to the works for providing musical presentations to create opportunities to share a stage for peace making with artists world wide. She makes effort in bringing awarenss globaly among young people.  The Foundation promotes cross-cultural understanding through the arts, to serve as a bridge among nations and to promote mutual respect, for a common path to world peace aiming for a world free of nuclear weapons.
Having lived, studied and worked in three continents, Ms. Torii has been exposed to peoples from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Three generations of  musical and artistic heritage has equipped her with a keen sense of artistic offerings that cross national borders. The Foundation is making its voices heard by organizing performances, exhibitions, and advocacy, working for a united voice of reason against nuclear weapons proliferation across the globe, and placing focus on peace for our children and their children for a world free of nuclear weapons.
Ms. Torii has over twenty five years experience leading her own group of international companies and consulting to many leading global corporations. Aided by an early career focus on cross-cultural communications, in 1982 Ms. Torii founded International Communications Consultancy, Inc. (ICC), specializing in business communication, international conference coordination, global marketing enhancement, sales and service strategies. These assignments included the production of corporate videos which earned Ms. Torii the “ITVA Golden Reel” award in 1982, as well as nominations at various international business video festivals. The company’s broadcasting assignments include working with CRB Station, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, and TBS covering foreign language scriptwriting and reporting assignments. 
Ms. Torii is internationally known for her myriad accomplishments in the areas of business, the visual arts, classical dance, and Ikebana. She became in 1984 the first Japanese to coordinate and conduct a Kabuki workshop in English with Japan’s leading Kabuki actor, Ishikawa Ennosuke. In the mid 80’s, Ms. Torii worked with Morishita Ballet Company, one of the most celebrated and internationally known ballet companies in Japan, coordinating their world tour and performances. In 1997, she was responsible for bringing forty masters of Ikebana from Japan to Philadelphia for their award winning center exhibit at the annual Philadelphia Flower Show (PNC Bank Award, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Flower Show 1997). In 1999, Ms. Torii coordinated, “Sho & Ki”, the Japanese calligraphy exhibit of the Hokuri Academy of Japan, the first and largest calligraphy exhibition in the US by 150 professional calligraphy artists, at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and master classes at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
In 1999, Ms. Torii founded InterMusica, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural exchange through music and the arts as well as music education for children and youth focusing on multicultural exchange. Since 1996, Ms. Torii has been serving the Japanese community in the Greater Philadelphia region, first as Vice President and followed by President of the Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia. She currently serves the community as President Emeritus.  She also served on the boards of the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Opera Guild and the Women's Committee of the Mann Center for the Performing Arts.
Ms. Torii was educated in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, has degrees from Sophia University, Japan, Diplomas from The University of Westminster and Cambridge University, London and Certifications from Simul Academy, Tokyo and Cabrini College, Philadelphia.