Mission Statement

The Harmony for Peace Foundation seeks to promote cross-cultural understanding through the arts, in particular music, serving as a bridge among nations to promote mutual respect, and a common path to world peace.

Through performances, exhibitions, events, and advocacy we stand for a united voice of reason against nuclear proliferation across the globe.

We aim to inspire harmony among faiths, and groups divided by creeds and political leanings.

We aim to work toward a world free of nuclear weapons, and to help ensure peace for our children and their children.

We aim to achieve a common goal to create a world where nuclear weapons are not needed nor used.

At Harmony For Peace, we believe in the power of the Arts –

the language of music and expression of imagery.

Art touches people. With artistry of music and images, we aim to strengthen awareness for a nuclear free world among peoples across cultures and to unite our voices for world peace.

One Voice - One World